Oahu's Wonders

Oahu's Waikiki is truly a place of wonders and lives up to it's paradise description. Attracting millions of visitors yearly it's no wonder it really does deliver everything that it's  famous for. It's pristine white sand beaches stretch for miles and offer an endless array of activities, anything from parasailing, to catamaran rides, longboard paddling and of course the sport it's most famous for, surfing.  Aside from it's obvious natural beauty Waikiki is a bustling, vibe filled, culinary hub. A stone's throw away from the beach is the world famous Kalakaua Ave which hugs the beaches of Waikiki along the coast. Here is where you find all the designers from around the world that cater to all the Japanese tourists that make Hawaii their first choice beach destination, as well as thousands of restaurants offering something for everyone. It's sidewalks are filled with street performers, artists and individual vendors that try to coax you with discounts on dining, trinkets, gun ranges, massages, and the list goes on. The first set of photos were taken with my Droid. Enjoy

While Waikiki beach is a truly special place, Oahu's eastern beaches are world renowned. Lanikai Beach on the windward side of the island makes the top of the list for me personally. What can I say, it's private, off the tourist beaten path and nestled in the private exclusive suburb of Lanikai. What's amazing is that each public entry to the waterfront, between multi-million dollar mansions has a unique, pristine white sand or rock waterfront you can also call your own. Amazingly Hawaii's state law prevents any part of waterfront to be owned privately, and hence provisions must be made, even within such exclusive neighborhoods for public access, same idea applies for waterfront high end resorts. Na Mokulua, also meaning 'Two Islands", are a stunning backdrop to the turquoise clear water.

Windward Oahu's beautiful beaches.


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