World Trade Centre Memorial Site

September 11, 2011. A decade has passed. The victims and heroes will never be forgotten. I am fortunate to have a birds eye view of the memorial site, also known as Ground Zero, from my home. I took this photo on Sept 11, 2011.

It is so very heartbreaking to look out the window on this serene night. The site is lit up in blues and whites and reds. The two waterfalls are flowing freely in full force, the waters' hum is almost nostalgic of a distant Paradise. And I'm certain all those heroes and victims roam through God's heaven in their personal Eden and Paradise. There was music emanating off the surrounding buildings (a beautiful saxophone harmony was being practiced). A chorus of women were also practicing the US anthem all day. I have never heard such angelic voices in harmony with building acoustics carrying it up into the heavens. Simon and Garfunkel's 'The Sound of Silence' sounded just as beautiful as it filled the entire area and drifted into the sky. It's surreal and at the same time horrifying that humans could be capable of creating so much terror and sadness. Them I leave to God's hands to deal with. (black and white photo courtesy of google).


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